Aixun DT01 Digital Display Temperature Detection Calibration Tool


*OLED HD display, smart digital display, clear and visible, real-time temp measurement.
*Multiple functions, measure the temp of soldering iron, hot air gun, surface, liquid, etc.
*Fast, accurate and stable, accurate measurement, highly efficient and stable, with temp curve recording and playback.
*Temp calibration, connect with Type-C or Bluetooth and calibrate temp by matching with T420D.
*Powerful Al function, smart chips independently researched by AiXun, make maintenance easy and efficient.
*Software upgrade, connect to the computer with a USB cable, open the AiXun platform, and upgrade in the tool-up interface.

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Aixun DT01 Digital Thermometer Soldering Iron JCID Head Air Gun Curve Record Temperature Automatic Calibration Tools,Aixun DT01 Digital Soldering Iron Tip Temperature Detection Calibration Instrument,Aixun DT01 OLED Smart Digital Display Thermometer Tip Soldering Iron Temperature Tester.
Name: Smart digital display thermometer
Brand: AiXun
Model: DT01
Dimension: 117.7*65*36mm
N.G: 100g
Working Temp: 0-40℃
Temp range: 0-500℃
Components: Triangle temp sensor/K-type thermocouple
DPI: 1℃
Accuracy: ±3℃
Type-C input: 4.8-5.5V
Display: OLED
Battery: 9V alkaline dry cell
Package includes:
1 x Temperature Detection Instrument

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