i2C CL01 Anti-Static Bristle/Steel Cleaning Brush Phone PCB Repair Kit



  1. motherboard IC glue removal brush, maintenance must have two brushes, pork sideburns/imported steel wire durable IC, pad clean, remove glue, remove tin polishing, the brush head can be replaceable.
  2. Steel brush: Imported steel wire, high hardness without deformation. strong glue removal, tin removal, polishing.
  3. Bristle brush: Pig sideburns, high elasticity does not shed hair, clean motherboard, chip, anti-static, non-destructive operation.
  4. Imported ultra-fine steel wire, high hardness, it is not easy to deform at high temperature.
  5. Used with heating equipment, it is faster and more effective to remove tin and glue (The chip needs to be heated with an air gun before being cleaned).
  6. Pork sideburns/imported steel, both brushes are durable, two bristles are available: bristle/steel, for different user needs, use different materials for brush.
  7. The brush head is installed with a screw twist, which can replaceable the extension.
  8. Pen design, flexible operation, ergonomic design, more comfortable grip.
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i2C CL01 Anti-static Dual-Use Hard Bristle & Superfine Steel Cleaning Brush Mobile Phone PCB Repair Tool. Pig Hair Brush + Steel Brush for Phone Tablet PC Motherboard IC Chip PCB Debonding Glue Cleaning Toolkit.

Mechanic Pig Hair Brush + Steel Brush for Motherboard IC Debonding Glue Cleaning repair.

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