iPhone 6s Battery with Adhesive Strips


  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 1715 mAh, 6,55 Wh
  • 3,82 V
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s (A1633, A1688, A1700)
  • High-performance battery gives your iPhone 6s new power
  • Of course, you will receive a new item without charging cycles, that ensures a long lifetime
  • The enclosed adhesive strips give the battery a firm hold

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When you left your apartment, the battery in your iPhone 6S was running at 100%. But after a short time, the battery suddenly died. Even though you were just listening music. Does the situation look familiar to you? It’s pretty annoying when the battery of your iPhone 6S doesn’t last through the day. But even if you don’t have any runtime problems, the battery performance can still be affected. If your iPhone 6S keeps crashing or you can’t charge the battery to 100%, you should take action.

You have a lot of options to help solve your phone problems and get you back in a better mood. You don’t have to buy an expensive new device or spend a lot of money and time on a repair service: You can change the battery quickly and easily yourself. All you need is a suitable spare part and helpful repair instructions. You can find both with us. We offer you the iPhone 6S battery you need in best quality. In addition to the powerful spare part you will receive a set of adhesive strips. With these you can fix the spare part inside your iPhone 6S.

Once you install the battery, you’re ready to enjoy your Apple smartphone again: Long phone calls, YouTube videos, and podcasts are finally no longer a question of capacity!


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