iPhone 8 Battery including Adhesive Strips


  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 1821 mAh, 6,96 Wh
  • 3,82 V
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 8 (A1863, A1905)
  • High-performance battery gives your iPhone 8 new power
  • Of course, you will receive a new item without charging cycles, that ensures a long lifetime
  • The enclosed adhesive strips give the battery a firm hold

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If your iPhone 8 battery is weak, a new battery will help. You’ll notice this when your iPhone crashes under heavy use, when it dies in cold conditions, when it won’t turn on or charge anymore, or when the battery life is generally very low. Once you install the spare part in your iPhone 8, you’ll be able to use your phone for as long as it was when it was new.


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