JCID iDetector Intelligent Handheld iPhone Detector Fault Tester


Product Function :

  1. Support reading and writing the underlying, modify the data
  2. Support untie WIFI
  3. Support formatting
  4. Support engineering disk repair
  5. Support for repairing errors
  6. Support iTunes Brush
  7. Support independent offline operation, no need to connect to the machine to ensure data security
  8. Check if the phone is replaced
  9. Check if the motherboard chip is repaired
  10. Check if the mobile phone standby is leaking
  11. Link WIFI, the software can be upgraded automatically

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JC iDetector intelligent handheld phone detector for cell phone fault fast test, JCID iDetector tool is the latest test tool, Support full all series iOS devices.

Note: The international version of JC iDetector does not have a built-in battery and is powered by a USB cable.

Product Features :

  1. A small handheld testing “computer”.
  2. Support WiFi connection and mobile phone hotspot connection.
  3. USB interface connects mobile phone to test anytime and anywhere.
  4. Skip activation, deactivation and other practical functions.
  5. Easy to check if there are any replacement accessories and whether the mobile phone data has been changed.
  6. The power consumption test of the whole machine and the leakage of the main board, make the “hidden disease” machine nowhere to hide.
  7. Support warranty query, ID status query, black and white list query, lock query.

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