JCID V1S PRO Programmer BGA315 BGA110 BGA70 For iPhone iPad


JCID V1S PRO Functions:
1. For iPhone 6-14 Pro Max BGA315 BGA110 BGA70 BGA60(32/64bit) NAND memory chip read and write formatting.
2. DFU purple screen without disassembly for iPhone 6-X iPad iPod.
3. Unbinding WiFi without restoring.
4. Modify the syscfg data.
5. Read and write iPhone screen information, one-click repair iPhone true tone.
6. Read and write iPhone battery information and fix it with one click, calibrate battery health data, solve battery pop-up problems.
7. Read and write the iPhone fingerprint serial number and fix it with one click.
8. Read and write iPhone dot projector data, fix iPhone Face ID issues.
9. More modules and features will be released in the future.

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JCID V1S PRO programmer with BGA315 BGA110 BGA70 BGA60 socket for iPhone 6-14 Pro Max Nand Flash read, write and format. JCID V1S-PRO multifunctional programmer for iPhone screen true tone, Face ID, battery, receiver FPC flex cable vibration data read write repair, DFU purple screen mode, rear camera pop-up repair, ect.

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