i2C i6S Programmer For iPhone Screen True Tone Face ID Repair


1. For iPhone 8-14 Pro Max Original screen True Tone repair.
2. For iPhone 8-14 Pro Max logical/base-band chip reads and writes.
3. For iPhone 6-14 Pro Max/iPad battery data read and write and repair.
4. For iPhone X-12 Pro Max handset row detection and repair.
5. For iPhone 6-12 Pro Max Query Bluetooth /WiFi code after jailbreak.
6. For iPhone 6-13 Pro Max One click query mobile phone crash analysis.
7. For iPhone 8-13 Pro Max Free computer without original screen repair True Tone.
8. For iPhone 7-13 Pro Max Touch/light sensitive/ vibration repair.
9. For iPhone X-14 Pro Max dot matrix data reading and burning.
10. One-click jailbreak on some IOS devices.
11. One-click detection of headset data cable.

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i2C i6S intelligent programmer for iPhone screen true tone/Face ID/battery/earpiece receiver flex cable/rear camera/headphone lightning cable/vibrator/fingerprint repair, one-click jailbreak IOS device. Multi-functional i2C i6S programmer for iPhone 6-14 Pro Max repair.

i2C i6S programmer read and write iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 mini/13/13mini original screen true tone data to fix iPhone 12/13 series screen true tone function.

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