i2C NANO Soldering Station with JBC T210/245/115 Welding Handle


1. i2C 2SCNi Nano Precision Soldering Station, specifically designed for different soldering with C245 C210 C115 Handle and the tips.
2. High Power: the perfect stations for general electronic applications with high power requirements.
3. Precision: the best solution for soldering SMDs Components
4. T210 Precision Handle and the tips, it is perfect for accuracy soldering jobs with medium power requirements. Due to its size, it is able to work conventional or small SMDs, even under a magnifying glass.
5. T115 Nano Handle and the tips, it is perfect for highest precision soldering jobs with small soldering SMDs requirements.
6. T245 General Purpose Handle and the tips, it is perfect for both SMDs and jobs with high-power requirements.

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i2C 2SCNi soldering station with T210 T245 T115 handle and soldering iron tips for electronic parts mobile phone PCB BGA welding repair. Upgraded i2C 2SCNI universal version heats up in 1 second and reaches 350℃ in 2 seconds, and can use T210 T245 T115 soldering handle.
1. 1 second heating up, 2 seconds tinning, 130w high power, 110V/220V AC power supply.
2. It is the precision soldering station for electronic applications with a C245 handle or with a C210 handle. The function is almost the same with JBC C210 / C245 /C115 soldering iron tip.
3. Focus on: micro-component welding repair.
4. Automatic welding spot size, temperature and power automatic compensation.
5. The global warranty is 24 months.
6. Output Power: 130W/23.5/9V
7. AC Voltage: 230V/120V/110V

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110V, 220V


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