Spain Imported PDK C115 Soldering Tips for JBC I2C Soldering Station


Features :
1. The C115 soldering tips are suitable for soldering and repairing very small components with high precision, even under a microscope.
2. PDK C115 soldering iron tips with many shapes, sizes and special models. They work with JBC Sugon soldering station.
3. PDK high-quality tips offer instant heat up, excellent heat transfer and great durability.
4. They are appropriate for general soldering purposes and they are perfect for both SMD components or for applications with high power requirements such as ground plane soldering.

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Imported Materials PDK Soldering Iron Tips C115 Welding Iron for JBC C115 Soldering Handle JBC NT115/ NP115/ Sugon T36 Welding Station/I2C 2SEN Micro Nano Soldering Station, AN115-A, NT115-A, NP115-A and NP115-B Nano soldering tools.

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