i2C-Welder Intelligent Desoldering Platform For iPhone X-14 Pro Max


i2C-Welder Features :
1.Good detail makes good quality
2.Intelligent temperature control
3.For soldering / desoldering
4.Rapid heating, can be heated to 270℃
5.Modular expansion
6.Unlimited upgrade
7.Intelligent explosion-proof tin
8.Compatible For iPhone X-14ProMax.

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i2C intelligent desoldering station PCB heating module for iPhone X-14 Pro Max PCB BGA soldering and desoldering repair, Tin planting platform for iPhone X-14 Pro Max, i2C desoldering station BGA heating module Intelligent Welding Station Preheating Module For iPhone BGA PCB Board Soldering Desoldering Repair.
Soldering Operation Demo :

  • Step 1: After placing the motherboard that needs to be separated, buckle the pressure button and click the menu button to switch the interface to the one-key separation interface.
  • Step 2: Click the “OK” button, the temperature will be rapidly warmed to 180°. After reaching 180°, the motherboard will start to separate. The countdown will be 120 seconds, and the heating will stop after 120 seconds, and the temperature will be automatically cooled down.
  • Step 3: After the 120 seconds countdown, the upper main board is separated and the operation can be completed by taking out the upper main board.

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